Youthful Racers Exhibit Off at Honda Brio and Jazz Pace ​​Challenge

PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) again held the Honda Brio Speed ​​Challenge (HBSC) and Honda Jazz Velocity ​​Challenge (HJSC) on Sunday (26/9). The third round of racing at the Sentul Global Circuit, Bogor was exciting, where by several young individuals managed to demonstrate off their teeth in this party.

In the HBSC party, Hendra Bonan from the Privateer crew was even now ready to manage his placement in the top rated situation in the Mounting Star course with a time of 20 minutes 18.527 seconds, followed by Dede Yoni from the BL Racing staff with 20 minutes 47.202 seconds. Even though in the Advertising class, Naufal Rafif Busro from NRB Motorsport managed to conquer 10 rounds in 20 minutes 10.439 seconds. Rio R Bramantio was powering Naufal and had to settle for second place with 20 minutes 43.802 seconds. For the Rookie course, Muchammad Hery Wibowo from the P-5 Racing Indonesia staff rose to the first podium with 20 minutes 19.975 seconds and managed to beat Samuel DO who was proper driving him with 20 minutes, 40.532 seconds.

In the HJSC racing event, M Ferrel Fadhil again became the 1st winner in the Grasp class with a time of 19 minutes 18.196 seconds. In 2nd location, Benny Santoso realized a time of 19 minutes 33.678 seconds, beating Fitra Eri who was behind him with a time of 19 minutes 34.298 seconds. In the Growing Star class, Radityo Mahendra for the 1st time also managed to climb to the leading of the podium with 19 minutes 21.888 seconds, adopted by Annis Badro’Uf in second position with 19 minutes 35.493 seconds and Ridho Gustov in 3rd position with 20 minutes 5.665 seconds. For the Advertising class, Vivaldhi Dwi Putra managed to climb to the top rated with 19 minutes 34.956 seconds, adopted by Akheela Chandra in 2nd place with 19 minutes 37.163 seconds and Ridho Gustinov in 3rd with 19 minutes 42.741 seconds.

On the exact same day, the Indonesia Touring Motor vehicle Race (ITCR) was also held, which was also attended by Honda racers. In the ITCR 1500 Learn course, Fitra Eri took to start with position with a time of 23 minutes 13,150 seconds. While in the Rising Star class, Avila Bahar once more won this series with a time of 23 minutes 22.731 seconds.

Even though in ITCR Max, Alvin Bahar who appeared in the Master course managed to finish in next area with a history time of 22 minutes 9.732 seconds. In the meantime, the woman Honda racer, Canya Prasetyo, managed to climb to the 5th place in this sequence with a time of 20 minutes 49.760 seconds.

“The 3rd series of HJSC and HBSC activities is increasingly aggressive, as can be seen from many new riders who managed to surface on the podium. We hope that this will continue into the future collection and make the drivers even far more determined to be equipped to create the ideal in the future series, ” explained HPM’s Business Innovation and Sales & Marketing and advertising Director Yusak Billy.