What’s Odd about the Conference of Political Leaders?

Technique to the 2024 Presidential Normal Election (Pilpres), aside from the flood of declarations supporting political figures, there are also many analyzes from socio-political observers. Also survey agencies, even analyzes from normal individuals, specially in the media and social media (medsos).

Each individual party that is a very little particular is immediately commented on with several analyzes and estimates. Just glance at the commotion of the candidates for the TNI Commander in Main till there is an informal assembly or ‘coincidence’ of particular figures or figures staying intensely commented on. Even the figure of Andika Perkasa was instantly guessed to be the Commander of the TNI since on a person situation President Joko Widodo was assigned to generate the golfing cart that Initially Girl Iriana was traveling on, October 5, 2021. Coincidentally, that prediction arrived genuine. Andika grew to become the TNI Commander replacing Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto, who will before long retire.

The assembly among Prabowo Subianto and Megawati on Jl Teuku Umar, Central Jakarta, quite a few decades back was broadcast yet again. His guess is that there may well be ‘serious’ discussions about the presidential and vice presidential candidates in 2024.

In accordance to the author, some analysts, observers, and observers of socio-political and financial issues are competent in the science of tinkering. With no precise info information. The benefits are extremely convincing. For those people who are truly major, they use precise facts so that the outcomes can also be accounted for. 1 of them is composed by Saur Hutabarat in the column podium everyday Indonesian media regarding the conference involving Megawati, Prabowo, and Puan at the Point out Palace all through the inauguration of the TNI Commander Andika Perkasa (17/11).

Saur quoted PDIP Secretary Common Hasto Kristiyanto’s assertion that the assembly talked over national politics and several nationwide political dynamics. It was also stated that the meeting was strongly criticized by Democratic Get together politician Andi Mallarangeng, who held the belief that the Condition Palace really should not be utilised by political party leaders to hold political conferences.

The author, who has decades of experience as the president’s son, is aware very properly what activities have occurred during the presidential palace, from the Merdeka Palace to the Tampak Siring Palace in Bali. Even in the course of the New Purchase period, which was identified to be authoritarian, for some purpose the writer and his loved ones have been even now allowed to keep overnight by President Suharto in these palaces, even nevertheless only in the pavilions.

The author and family’s most loved right until now is being at the Cipanas Palace since the facilities are total. The delicacies is continue to delicious like in the Bung Karno period. There are also chilly water swimming pools from springs and sizzling h2o swimming pools from mountain sulfur springs. If you like walking, you can encompass the region of ​​approximately 26 hectares.

Bathing in purely natural river h2o with extremely very clear drinking water is also obtainable. There is also an experience in a purely natural protected forest masking an region of ​​​​approximately 11 hectares or using a horse is also achievable. Contemplation or Istikharah prayers and other individuals can also be accomplished because there is a constructing made and crafted by Bung Karno called the Bentol Making (only for specified attendees). Two golfing carts completely ready to use 24 several hours. These are all privileges of the Cipanas Presidential Palace which other presidential palaces do not have.

People’s Palace

In Bung Karno’s period as president, the presidential palaces functioned as much as possible as the people’s palaces. Any person, irrespective of ethnicity, religion, even situation, can enter and exit the palace very easily with no complicated protocols. The only limitation is the protection variable of the President and his relatives. At that time, ‘unofficial’ attendees for the President, Very first Lady, and their sons and daughters could arrive instantly without the need of producing an settlement beforehand. It is sufficient to report to the palace picket officer and then enter the back porch of the Merdeka Palace, in which Bung Karno typically sat consuming coffee in the morning to obtain the unofficial attendees.

People existing in the early morning ended up mothers who asked for drugs from Bung Karno whose kids ended up severely ill, there have been Bedouins inquiring for information, ambassadors from helpful nations around the world, close friends of Bung Karno such as the US Ambassador Howard P Jones and the Republican Ambassador. Cuban Democrats.

The most flocking to occur in the morning are typically the journalists at residence and overseas. From time to time it takes place that people who are mentally sick appear just to snooze on extended chairs in the palace halls. It is this form of visitor who helps make difficulty for the safety forces from the DKP (Personal Guard Detachment) subordinates of Mangil Martowidjojo.

If only Andi Mallarangeng experienced seasoned the period of Bung Karno, at that time there were no restrictions or objections from Bung Karno that forbade politicians from holding meetings in the Merdeka Palace or Condition Palace. They typically maintain meetings in the kindergarten making of the presidential palace in the morning or night. Figures this kind of as Sitor Situmorang from the PNI Entrance Marhaenis, Mahbub Junaedi (NU), AM Hanafi (Partindo), Catholic celebration leader Frans Seda, and even Nyoto from the PKI frequently held meetings there. Bung Karno was not existing even however he realized for guaranteed that these meetings had taken area. So, the conferences could be claimed as they happy.

Again in the ‘accidental’ conference concerning Megawati, Prabowo, and Puan Maharani in the VVIP space of the Point out Palace, as far as personalized introductions to Megawati, who is the author’s young sister, the writer knows pretty well the mentality and character of Megawati. Similarly, Puan and Prabowo, whom the writer has recognised properly given that they ended up Kopassus majors until eventually now.

In the author’s viewpoint, their conference will not offer with national problems, permit alone the 2024 presidential election. At greatest the discussion will revolve about own nostalgia for the earlier and away from sensible political concerns of the present, these types of as the presidential and vice presidential pairs in 2024. Megawati in the era of covid -19 is much more silent than in the past. Similarly with Puan, at this time she is far more lively in the DPR than in the occasion.

Analytically, it is particular that the determine who requires the initiative to chat additional comes from the determine of Prabowo. As Saur explained that his writing is made up of speculations, this short article only describes previous and particular experiences with regards to the ‘accidental’ conference of 3 modern day political figures. Though based mostly on mere evaluation, the authors think that the outcomes are practically sure and virtually accurate. If you want certainty, remember to question the a few political figures previously.