Unpad and Media Group Held Gowkeun Gowes Collectively

Found at the Rectorate Building of Padjajaran College, Bandung City, Media Group alongside one another with Unpad held a joint tour. This is a adhere to-up to the signing of the cooperation among the two functions some time in the past.

“This accumulating is an remarkable point, we are grateful for new insights. Due to the fact we are at the university student campus, lecturers and the group satisfy how the media group sights instruction for the upcoming modern society, “reported Rector of Padjajaran College, Rina Indiastuti, at the Rector’s property, Unpad Campus, Jalan Dipatiukur No.35, Bandung, Saturday (27/3).

Rina hopes that in the foreseeable future Unpad and Media Team can collaborate, in particular in providing investigate final results to the wider neighborhood. Submission of investigate outcomes can be accomplished through protection in the Media Group both in the form of Television set broadcasts or other platforms.

In the Gowkeun exercise which began from the Dipatiukur Unpad Campus, individuals from the Media Team Cycling Neighborhood and Unpad went by way of numerous most important roads in the city of Bandung these as Aihampelas, Dago, Asia Afrika streets, and finished at The Papandayan Lodge.

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On the same event, the Dean of the Faculty of Conversation Unpad, Dadang Rahmat Hidayat, claimed that this collaboration was a single of the strategic actions for the two parties.

“Allhamdulilah, we are from Padjajaran College with the authorization of Mrs. Rector to perform a Goweskeun, specifically Gowes with Padjadjaran University with the Media Team such as Metro Tv,” he mentioned.

Even nevertheless this activity was an casual action, Dadang actually saw it as a really vital collaboration concerning Unpad and the Media Group.

“Unpad and the Media Group have collaborated with many educational, analysis, company and other collaborative activities,” claimed Dadang Rahmat at The Papandayan Lodge.

He hopes that this collaboration will create energy that the campus presents superior advantages to the neighborhood, especially the Media Group as a strategic spouse. (A-2)