Raya Harvest Syndrome

In the past, the harvest was the time that rice farmers and their households experienced been waiting around for. The wonderful harvest is genuinely a present to be grateful for. Not amazingly, when the major harvest usually takes spot, numerous farmers organize pleasurable or celebration.

There are all those who understand the puppet display all night long. Some enlivened it with bangreng, jaipongan and some even held village-style dangdutan. They did every thing as a type of “respect” to Dewi Sri for the large harvest.

That is what we typically see in rice manufacturing centers, this kind of as in the north coast of Java. Karawang, Subang and Indramayu are nationwide rice granaries that almost under no circumstances neglect the joy right after they have performed the most important harvest.

This type of picture occurred about 3 a long time back. At that time, farmers ended up continue to sovereign over the rice fields they ended up cultivating. They frequently still own the rice fields. A buddy even claimed that the farmers ended up nevertheless masters of their have fields.

Currently, these types of cultural rituals can rarely be witnessed once more. The all-night celebration of wayang golek or dangdutan remembrance has turn out to be a rare item. The massive harvest is no lengthier a variety of gratitude for the blessings they obtain, but what is additional in the forefront now is how to finish the harvest quickly.

This environment was pretty a great deal various from the previous. One particular of the leads to may perhaps be that they are no longer sovereign around the rice fields they cultivate. Due to the industrialization course of action and the have to have for land for housing or settlement, land conversion is unavoidable.

Numerous farmers offer their fields. Transfer of ownership of rice fields has turn out to be commonplace. Rice fields no for a longer period belong to the farmers, but have modified possession to all those of the townspeople. They often in no way work on their possess fields.

Some are still left by yourself as a type of financial investment, but some are leasing out their rice fields to nearby residents. This check out is generally seen on the north coast of Java. Farmers are only tenants, tenants or cultivators. Farmers are no lengthier house owners of rice fields. People who have metropolis people today are normally not farmers.

The massive rice harvest is an crucial second in a farmer’s life. In 2021, the key harvest that begins from April to Might 2021, is suspected to be followed by a collection of troubles that have to be faced by farmers. Commencing with the news of the drop in the rate of grain at the farmer stage, right up until the BMKG forecast appeared asking all the nation’s children to be knowledgeable of local weather or intense weather conditions.

The fall in the cost of unhulled rice or rice in various areas has without a doubt appeared in the information accompanying the heated debate on rice imports. Ahead of there was imports, the price tag of unhulled rice or rice at the farm stage looks to have dropped. Primarily if there is rice imports. Hence, we need to give appreciation to President Jokowi who has confirmed that till June 2021, Indonesia will not import rice.

There was a assertion by President Jokowi like that, generating the cost of unhulled rice or rice at the farm amount progressively improved, so that it was not too significantly below the Government Purchase Selling price (HPP). The assurance that the Federal government has assigned Bulog to obtain farmers’ unhulled rice is not below HPP, plainly this is pleasant news for farmers.

The climate or extraordinary weather that is now remaining feared will overtake the ambiance of the big harvest, it appears that it requires a joint observation. Truthfully, until finally now we have not been equipped to control the weather or severe climate that will strike us sometime. All that can be accomplished is just to look at and foresee it.

The major harvest in the wet time will plainly impact the quality of the grain created. The absence of sunshine coupled with the confined drying technological innovation owned by farmers helps make it hard for farmers to acquire harvested dry unhulled rice which has a moisture material of 14%. Working experience shows that with the rainy year developing at harvest time, farmers are usually only ready to dry the grain by close to 18%.

This is what the farmers have been complaining about. For a long time, farmers have requested the govt to assist them with agricultural device instruments, not only associated to agricultural machinery to raise production, but also similar to article-harvest alsintan, this kind of as grain drying, for illustration, should be created a precedence to be given to farmers. .

The significance of drying engineering for farmers will certainly assist farmers to increase the high quality of grain produced, so that it will enhance its selling value. If the selling price at the farmer stage increases because there is an enhancement in the high quality of the dry unhulled rice, of study course this will increase farmers’ profits. If the farmer’s earnings will get greater, the hope is that the farmer’s welfare will maximize. This is in fact the best purpose of agricultural advancement. (OL-09)