Make it chortle, the motion of adult males donning raincoats and helmets when cooking

While sitting down in front of the stove and frying pan, the man remained warn, even though he was sporting a raincoat and helmet. In the meantime, his correct hand was stirring the fry. For a couple of times, the fried cimol exploded. The man seemed stunned.

Netizens who watched the online video created numerous curious. They questioned why the cimol could explode.

“But if you are advertising Cimol fried meals, how appear it doesn’t explode, gt huh ..,” questioned a netizen. “Why did cimol prepare dinner explode like that? ?” questioned other netizens.

Even although he appeared to be sporting a raincoat and helmet, netizens nevertheless observed the male as a lot less risk-free. In the video clip, the man’s toes are not covered. “That his toes can continue to be uncovered to oil, much less security,” other netizen opinions.