Large Mac Beef Rasher, McDonald’s Indonesia’s New Smoked Meat Menu

The rapid meals restaurant outlet McDonald’s Indonesia offers a variant of its legendary Big Mac menu in the variety of Big Mac Beef Rasher. This Large Mac Beef Rasher is a variant of the Huge Mac with a special addition, specifically beef rasher or bacon concerning two layers of Major Mac beef.

The Massive Mac menu alone is a vintage menu as well as a mainstay of McDonald’s all over the world given that 1968. Significant Macs, which include the Huge Mac Beef Rasher have 7 substances in it.

“As 1 of McD’s icons, Big Mac Beef Rasher presents seven components. What is specific is that it is the similar in all nations around the world,” mentioned McDonald’s Indonesia Associate Director of Communications Sutji Lantyka at an on the web push conference in Jakarta. Friday (10/9).

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In accordance to Sutji, the Major Mac Beef Rasher has a difference with the regular Large Mac, which is the addition of a piece of meat smoke beef rasher.

“So there is a piece beef rasher added to the Significant Mac Beef Rasher. So this menu is even now Massive Mac, but added smoke beef rasher,” he explained.

As a companion, there is a Double Cheese McFlavor Fries menu, which is fried potatoes moreover toppings cheese and parsley.

McDonald’s Indonesia also shared tumbler free of demand in many hues for shoppers who purchase the Massive Burger all-variant budget package, or purchase a Big Mac or Massive Mac Beef Rasher taste sets.

This menu, he continued, has been bought in all McDonald’s Indonesia shops considering that previous September 3. Nonetheless, the sale of the menu has a limited time, which is until October 24. (H-3)