Interview, Lampung Standard Marriage Speech Custom

A single of Lampung’s oral traditions that is still acquiring now is the job interview. Interviews developed in the subculture of Lampung Saibatin culture. In Lampung Pepadun culture it is known as pepaccur. Even though the intensity is starting up to lower, we still come across this custom in the rites of everyday living of the folks, especially the indigenous people of Lampung.

Wawancan is a style of literary work in the poetry style that is created and sung for the needs of the ritual of offering the Lampung classic title (adok). The title is given to the bride and groom for the duration of the marriage ceremony ceremony. The job interview is made up of a message or assistance supplied to the bride and groom. In addition, in the interview, the biography of the bride and groom is explained to.

In kind, the job interview belongs to the style of poetry. Interviews are prepared in stanza. Every stanza consists of 4 or six strains. There is no absolute rule for the quantity of stanzas, depending on how couple or how numerous messages are conveyed. When considered from the framework of the poem, interview can be classified into poetry and rhymes. Even so, interviews simply cannot be equated with rhymes which incidentally have sampiran and contents. All traces in each job interview stanza consist of material. The final rhyme pattern (rhyme) of wawancan can be claimed to be similar to a rhyme, specifically ab-ab.

The framework of the text includes opening, entire body, and closing. It begins with greetings usual of Islam and greetings typical of Lampung: tabik much too. In addition to greetings, in the opening, a respectful greeting was specified to regular leaders and an apology to the viewers. In the articles area, the interview has messages and advice about existence, specifically about domestic. Right here, the qualifications of the existence of the bride and groom is also told right until they get married.

In the job interview there is also a prayer that is explained for the bride and groom so that the marriage and the bride’s domestic run fortunately and prosperously. At the end of the job interview, apologies and feelings of gratitude/praise to God have been conveyed, ending with closing greetings utilizing Lampung greetings or Islamic greetings.

Interviews have vital features and meanings for the persons of Lampung. The great importance of the interview can be found from its content material, specifically in the kind of messages, tips, and teachings for the neighborhood in the elements of instruction, customs, society, social, and so on. Interviews can be a means of passing on understanding about Lampung customs. In basic, the information or advice relates to house everyday living, society, nation, point out, and religion.

Chief title

From a common viewpoint, interviewees can be explained to be guardians of Lampung conventional values ​​and traditions. One of the traditional aspects introduced by the job interview is the awarding of customary titles (adok). By way of the adok, particular kinship and caste identities are placed. Adok is an honorific title for an grownup and married individual which is inaugurated through a conventional ceremony in the existence of each regular leaders and their kinfolk. In Lampung personalized, the title is pinned to mark the position as a counterweight (leader). It can be said that adok is a term for the nobility of the Lampung persons.

The standard title is offered to the bride and groom when they are about to get married. The moment of awarding the title at the time of marriage implies that there is a section alter from adolescence to adulthood. The section when a bachelor or lady enters married existence. Consequently, they deserve to be given a customary title as a sign of regard and a indicator that the two are officially married. The customary title is been given from the father’s clan and from the mother’s clan, carried out equally at the groom’s spot and at the bride’s put.

The mention of adok

There are adok described in the center of the interview and some are mentioned just after examining the job interview. Adok consists of two phrases. Each and every phrase describes a sure meaning. The first phrase is the social strata in Saibatin, when the 2nd term means social identity this kind of as character, mother nature, or prayer that represents the bride and groom.

The social strata in adok have 7 levels which are classified into two lessons, specifically nobility (pandia kukusakha) and courtiers (khakhayakhan). Pandia kukusakha is made up of five stages particularly (1) psychological – mental, raja – radin (2) radin – minak (3) minak – enton (4) kimas (tihang, tongue)– adi (mas) (5) mas (country, guard) – sinang (mild). Punggawa has two ranges, particularly (6) kite – anggin, younger – anggin and other folks (7) bouquets – rayi, morep – rayi, and other folks.
Each adok has a various position so that the legal rights and obligations hooked up to it are diverse. The posture of every title has diverse responsibilities and capabilities. The difference can be viewed in traditional occasions in the neighborhood these kinds of as in weddings. Of class, a man or woman with the title of khaja/nobleman should not be created a handyman or guide worker.

By means of adok, the neighborhood is predicted to regard the leader and generally uphold the ancestral lifestyle. The seven standard titles can not be separated because all of them have a shut relationship in between a single stage and yet another to bolster and reinforce every other.
Apart from remaining a image of adat, the interview is a witness to the relationship of the people of Lampung. In the interview, the biography of the bride and groom is told from their relatives, social and economic backgrounds. Also a tale about a adore affair that was designed till it last but not least entered the amount of relationship.

According to one particular of the creators and speakers of the interview, Saiful Hambala, the job interview was designed by purchase from the bride’s family. The bride’s family members tells all the data that desires to be penned in the job interview. The creator rearranges the applicable languages ​​according to the job interview structure.
The intent of producing the story of the bride and groom in the interview is to signify id, history, and origin, as nicely as initiatives to transmit family members values ​​to the subsequent technology. The job interview also outlined prayers for the happiness of the bride and groom and advice on how to get married so that equally of them can stay a excellent residence. (M-4)