Guardians of Sundanese Traditions

Amarta, a new place that made use of to be an area of ​​no-in which and was frequently called ‘the area wherever the genie dumped their children’ prior to the Pandavas crafted it into a superpower, suddenly grew to become chaotic. The condition gets unsafe, the overall economy is unstable. The rate of vegetable oil rose, tofu and tempeh rose, hoax news was preferred, and it became the people’s every day meal. Fights concerning villages, and criminal offense is everywhere you go. What a mess…!

All this mainly because the Mustika Layang Jamus Kalimusada ‘Pancasila’, the symbol of the condition of Amarta, was stolen by Jarasanda, the king of terror from Magada. Uniquely, state officials, the People’s Council and the Point out Large Council, do not feel to care about the risk of risk. Astrajingga also sued. The non-violent action that was to begin with responded to by several superior-rating officers was simply an try to ‘find a stage’ for a commoner.

Astragingga is a no one. He is Cepot, the eldest son of Ki Lurah Semar Badranaya. His brother is Dawala or Udel, and the youngest is Gareng. In the Javanese (Central, East) and Yogyakarta wayang traditions, the buy of the brotherhood of the Semar kids is reversed. Bagong (Cepot/Astrajingga) is really the youngest, who is the brother of Petruk and the eldest Gareng,

This is the Astrajingga Gugat wayang golek overall performance by puppeteer Ruben Lesmana from the Sunda Cultural Association – Sekar Darma Pusaka (PBS-SDP) which will be held on February 26, 2022 in Kampung Pasir Eurih, Cinangka Village, Ciampea, Bogor. The 24-12 months-outdated dalang plays the wayang purwa Mahabharata fantastically, entertains, and appreciates the audience about a form of Sundanese oral custom theater.

The mastermind Ruben is in need. A week previously, for example, he and PBS-SDP performed in a deal clearly show at Gang Palem, Cibeureum Village, Dramaga District, Bogor Regency. Present packages? Indeed, PBS-SDP is not only all set to display the art of wayang golek, but also other art general performance deals, and is even prepared to develop into an event organizer or implementer of classic Sundanese rituals.

“Today, conventional art demonstrates are tricky to stand alone. Kudu joins with every single other, gets a total package, or models that potential responders can pick as leisure for their inventive uses,” reported Ruben, who while in Pasir Eurih was also ordered to conduct pencak drums and Jaipong dances in the morning and night right before finishing. all-night time puppet present.

Ruben is the next son (of a few youngsters, male) Yaya and Lina. Yaya is a drum teacher and Lina is a singer, kawih interpreter and bridal shaman, as nicely as the chief of PBS-SDP which is inherited from Lina’s grandfather. “Right after all, his name is Darma Pusaka. Great-grandfather, the founder, is recognized as Abah Saip bin Inan,” said Ruben about the forerunner of PBS-SDP which his terrific-grandfather designed from his mother’s side.

Just after the death of the fantastic-grandfather, the children and grandchildren ongoing the work of Darma Pusaka in advance of then suspended animation for many causes. The members of Darma Pusaka, who are usually nevertheless tied to the chain of a large loved ones, live in the arts to the best of their means. Lina, for illustration, is not only a ‘pulled’ sinden in several wayang golek performances, but also a kawih teacher and bridal shaman.

In 2011, the Darma Pusaka artwork neighborhood was re-proven by Lina (and Yaya) under the identify PBS-SDP. Various artistic potentials between prolonged families had been gathered once more. Pencak drum performances, Jaipong dance performances, and as executor of various classic ceremonies are types of Sundanese oral custom that are all set to be shown. PBS-SDP was even far more compatible with the existence of Ruben and his two brothers. They grew up in the midst of the inventive activities that had been carried out by their mothers and fathers, equally prior to and right after the birth of PBS-SDP. Not only when all team members observe in Cikalancing, their village in Cinangneng Village, Tenjolaya District, Bogor Regency, West Java, they also participate when PBS-SDP is responded to by a variety of events in a variety of spots.

Since childhood

Training silat and performing it as the art of the pencak drum, beating the drum, carrying out as component of the nayaga gamelan orchestra, accompanying the mother in singing tembang and kawih, accompanying her cousins ​​in classic dances, as well as setting up and instruction teams of fighters are part of the each day actions of Ruben and his brothers. .

PBS-SDP is also frequently involved in wayang golek performances by well-acknowledged puppeteers in Bogor. It is not surprising that because childhood, Ruben was interested in the phase performances of the dalang. Right after graduating from high school, his mother and father supported Ruben in mastering to execute at Abah Ujang (deceased) in Maja Village, Lebak Regency, Banten. Ruben Lesmana is well-known as the puppeteer of the puppet show from Cikalancing.

Is this a lifeline? Who is familiar with. What is specific for Ruben, PBS-SDP is not just an ancestral heritage that is nevertheless really worth continuing, but at the exact time it is also a position for brothers and sisters and neighbors to gather and discover, admirers of Sundanese oral traditions that include lots of values ​​to be preserved and acted upon, demonstrated. , and appreciated by the wider local community.

In the midst of the onslaught of modernization and the proliferation of new media artwork types, regular art teams are increasingly cornered. Most of the bouquets deflate, life won’t want to die does not want to. On the other hand, endeavours to revive the tradition should really not cease. The community and the govt can acquire section as maesenas, responding (schedule gratitude), so that teams like PBS-SDP are nonetheless alive. (M-4)