Females and Independence Working day

Flexibility is the Proper to Daily life. And life is a battle. Battling for lifestyle is a kind of gratitude to Allah the Almighty God for the blessings of everyday living that have been provided.

Following 76 years of Indonesia’s independence, has this country presented the proper to life to ladies? Justice rights, honor legal rights and political rights.

To this working day, we Indonesian women have not still been given the honor of currently being citizens of a region with equal legal rights underneath the law. This can be observed from the fact that the PKS Law (Abolition of Sexual Violence) has not still been ratified. It is really not lawful, correct, it truly is not even been reviewed in Baleg. This bill really should be a authorities initiative, due to the fact then it will be crystal clear that the government’s alignment with Indonesian girls will be apparent. Mainly because the accurate form of legal security is a regulation.

Where by else must we start out? If not now ! Hi.. Our fathers, grandfathers, husbands, brothers and sons. You are in our womb for 9 months and when we are about to give start, we have to wager our lives, you survive I die, I die or you endure, both equally die or both of those survive! That was our preference of betting when we brought you into this globe.

For that reason …
Safeguard us from despicable Lust and immoral barbaric acts, for we are your grandmother, your mother, your sister, your daughter and your lover. Open up the eyes of your heart with adore and compassion. Instantly realize authorized protection for us through the PKS Invoice and the PPRT Bill. Do not delay, the unexpected emergency bell for sexual violence has rung, a potent warning sign that a ethical emergency has occurred.

Nowadays was 76 decades back, where by the cry for independence echoed all over the state. We are free from point out occupation of the point out. The Founding Father has said in the preamble of the 1945 Constitution that “independence is the appropriate of all nations” for that reason colonialism must be abolished mainly because it is not in accordance with humanity and justice. Keep in mind ! That is a sentence penned in our constitution, then why does the Condition overlook it and really don’t put into action it in the kind of the Regulation on the Security of Sexual Violence as a ideal of the Government’s initiative?

females and independence day,
For 76 years, we have been combating by yourself, preventing for our ideal to daily life, our appropriate to shield the law and our political rights. My Indonesia, wherever have you hidden your constitutional obligations? The people’s representatives fulfill your obligations under your mandate via the votes we give, so that you can be elected and have energy around the management of this country.

August 17 is a commemoration of the freedom of a country from the oppression of other nations which later gave start to a sovereign point out which was named the Republic of Indonesia, a country fashioned from the unity and integrity of the country under the Unitary Condition of the Republic of Indonesia.

There was Kartini, Minimize Nyak Dien, Martha Martina Tiahahu, Rohana Kudus, Dewi Sartika, Maria Walanda Maramis, Opu Daeng Risaju and many others who participated in the wrestle to liberate the Republic.

So …
It is suitable for this republic to give respect and social justice by the legislation to secure the interests of women of all ages. Particularly the PKS Law and the PPRT Legislation.
By this independence day, we Indonesian women “Sue” the government to straight away apply our constitutional rights by building the PKS Monthly bill and PPRT Monthly bill as an initiative by the authorities and the DPR!