Check the Vehicle Soon after Lebaran in the style of DFSK

According to DFSK, just after the Eid holiday getaway, it is time for automobile entrepreneurs to perform car or truck inspections and servicing so that the issue stays optimum and snug for each day things to do.

“It is essential to check out the situation of the auto simply because the mobility during Eid is typically quite higher by passing by means of many highway circumstances so that the condition need to be checked all over again,” stated PR & Media Supervisor of PT Sokonindo Auto Achmad Rofiqi.

Achmad additional, DFSK homeowners can very easily check the issue of the automobile independently and in their spare time at dwelling. According to him, there are 5 factors that the automobile operator need to verify right after the Eid holiday getaway. Here is the guide

Electric power procedure

Examining the electrical procedure can be began from the battery. At the prime of the battery there is typically an indicator. If the indicator is pink then the battery ought to be changed quickly, if it is white this is a signal that it need to be straight awaycost, and the blue coloration indicates the battery is even now prime.

Following that, do an inspection by activating a amount of other elements, these kinds of as convert sign lights, hazard lights, headlights, wipers and head models. If all elements do the job very well, the vehicle’s electrical system is in very good situation.

Device oil

Motor oil plays an crucial purpose in supporting engine overall performance, primarily soon after remaining employed for a extensive journey. The easiest way is to examine the odometer. When it is time for substitution, then quickly exchange it with new oil.

Check out the problem of the motor oil by means of the dipstick to assure the high quality and quantity of oil. If the quantity of oil is below the least restrict then increase identical oil, and if it is solid black it ought to be replaced.


The radiator works to control the motor temperature. The problem requires to be considered since if you are ignorant, it can trigger the car or truck to encounter engine overheat.

An simple way to check the radiator is through the radiator fluid reservoir tube. If it is reduced, it can be additional, and make absolutely sure that there is no leak of this liquid at the base of the automobile.

Tire Issue

Tires are factors that guidance the bodyweight of the car and are in immediate get in touch with with the highway. The car or truck operator desires to check the problem of the tires, starting from the wind stress, actual physical situation to the thickness of the tread.

Keep the wind tension in accordance to the manufacturer’s tips penned on the driver’s doorway pillar. If the tire growth is now skinny or the surface is uneven, it is encouraged that you switch it with new tires instantly.

Inside & Exterior Cleanliness

Vehicle homeowners clean up the car on the interior and exterior to present ease and comfort for passengers. Consider out trash, unused things, and cleanse up any dirt in the inside. Following that, it is adopted by washing the exterior using a distinctive shampoo supposed for the vehicle system.

If you do not comprehend the situations of these elements and locate a amount of difficulties all through the inspection, you must promptly occur to the formal DFSK repair shop for more professional managing. (S-4)