60% of Indonesian Muslims Do Not Imagine Criminalization of Ulama

The most current countrywide Survey by Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting (SMRC) displays that the the greater part of Muslim citizens do not imagine that the authorities has violated the legislation in the form of criminalizing ulama.

“About 60% of Muslims do not believe the government has criminalized ulama, when 27% believe it,” claimed the SMRC Method Manager, Saidiman Ahmad.

Saidiman conveyed the conclusions in the launch of the success of an on line survey entitled “Countrywide Community Attitudes in direction of FPI and HTI” on Tuesday, April 6, 2021, in Jakarta. The nationwide scale survey was carried out on February 28 – March 5, 2021, involving 1064 respondents who were randomly selected. The survey margin of error is approximated to be +/- 3.07%.

Correspondingly, the study also found that 54% of Muslims do not believe that that the needs of Muslims now are frequently silenced by the govt / state. Those who considered 32% and did not answer 14%.

About 54% of Muslims do not feel that the propagation of Islam is frequently restricted or obstructed by the governing administration. Those people who considered 32% and did not solution 13%.

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On the other hand, 55% of Muslims stated that they disagreed with the idea that religious preachers (clerics, clergymen, priests, monks) experienced to get authorization from the government. 38% agreed, and 7% did not remedy.

In accordance to Saidiman, although the the greater part of Muslims do not believe that the govt is criminalizing ulama, silencing Muslims, and restricting da’wah, the obtaining is that pretty a great deal of people imagine this assumption requirements the government’s notice.

“It appears to be that the federal government has homework to persuade Muslims that the accusations of criminalizing ulama and silencing Muslims are not correct,” Saidiman explained. (OL-4)